About us

We started up in 2006 when it was found Spedition and Road transport Irena Doubravská. In 2006 we yet had three vans and we began to specialize to distribution for the firm SPIDO ltd. that is a maker of sectorial furniture.

In 2007 we bought a first great van MAN TGA with the hydraulic arm (HR) with loading limit 13 tones, with bearing lenght 7,4 m and maximum extension HR 14 m.

In 2008 we went on in expanding of rolling stock and we bought two vans of MAN with HR.

So, today we have 3 vans with HR and we are able to ensure the transport of every weight.

In 2009 we have opened a subcompany IRON SPED Ltd. in SK and we have met demands to our greatest business partner and we have also moved over our activities in transport into the neibourghing country. In this year we have acquired the storage space Forwarding business Irena Doubravská- IRON SPED in Krmelín. It has the anemity between Ostrava and Mošnov, in the nearest of Slovakish an Polish borders. In April 2010 it is going to be officialy opened transshippoint in Krmelín, for our Finnish partner, the company RUUKKI.